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Build Connection with Your Adolescent as They Go Through a Transition

April 25, 2023

Parents with adolescents may be experiencing the transition stage now. Gone are the days when they were still very young and would only want you every single second of the day. Now, they are creating their own lives and making connections outside of the home. This doesn’t mean you are no longer part of their connection. As a matter of fact, this moment is the perfect time to bond with them. Staying connected is about establishing closeness and responsiveness to their needs as they go through this transition. Let them know that you will remain by their side even though things around them are beginning to change. Here are some ways to build connections during the transition stage. 

Casual Talk – It is one way that you can do it every day. Take advantage of daily conversation to build closeness and positive relationships. Casual talks allow your child to share what is going on in their life. No matter how busy you are, stop what you are doing and focus on them the moment. Make them feel they are important and heard. Remind them that you are always available any time of the day. 

Plan the Connection – Schedule a date with your child to unwind and talk. Don’t worry about making the trip perfect, the most important thing is that you are together. Spend more time through scheduled travels and this will be the easiest way to connect with them. 

The adolescent stage can be overwhelming but staying close to your child will cause them to have a positive outlook in life such as changes in moods, behavior, and eating patterns. It should intimidate you. You and your child can overcome it together.

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