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Menopause Care: Taking Care of Yourself

October 27, 2022

Menopause is an inevitable part of the female body and the thought of going through the process can be daunting for many. The 12 months after the end of the last menstrual cycle can cause many changes in the body like weight gain, hair loss, brittle nails, and vaginal dryness.

With these in mind, it is important to take control of your health and allow yourself to prepare.

Healthy Diet

At the top of any self-care list is a healthy diet. For those going through menopause, this is an important practice as it helps you with hair loss. Increased intake of Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and iron is recommended to encourage hair strength and prevent it from breakage.

Hot Flashes Prevention

Hot Flashes are described as the sudden flare of heat, flushed skin, and sweating. For most women going through menopause, avoiding hot flashes cannot be avoided but there are ways to make it less severe and frequent. Common triggers of hot flashes include stress, caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods, and cigarette smoke.


Weight gain during menopause is common. Factors including aging, genetics, hormones, and lifestyle affect weight and disease risk like high blood pressure and heart disease during this time. A proper diet, good sleep, and a workout regimen tailored to you can help improve your strength and maintain lean muscle.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Although menopause is a natural process and does not immediately call for medical treatment, it is advised to seek treatment if it interferes with your ability to go about your daily activities.

Hormone Therapy Replacement (HRT) infuses hormones that the body cannot make any more. Benefits include reduced hot flashes, boosted energy levels, improved sleep quality, reduced mental fogginess, and protection of the heart and bone health. 

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