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Self-Care Tips for Teens and Young Adults

August 29, 2022

In order to maintain physical and mental health, self-care involves meeting your basic needs. 

Teenagers and young adults today are more stressed, anxious, depressed, and lonely than ever before - at least in the United States.

Parenting and teens benefit from self-care by dealing with life's pressures in a more positive and rewarding way.

While some self-care activities are expensive, some are free, but self-care can also involve the simplest things. Here are some important concepts that will be useful as you develop healthy self-care habits.

Physical self-care

  • Exercise: Besides keeping you physically fit, it also reduces depression and anxiety naturally.
  • Sports 
  • Spa

Mental and emotional self-care

  • Entertainment
  • Nature
  • Friends: Meet and communicate with friends; it only takes a few special friends to make a big difference in your life

Creative and spiritual self-care

  • Imagination: Try writing, drawing, or taking creative classes online or locally.
  • Learning: Checking out books from the library or online, learning how to cook new recipes, listening to podcasts, watching Ted talks online, or attending local events.
  • Spirituality: Reading scripture, meditating, attending an event, or Meetup on a topic you’re interested in.

If lifestyle changes and supplements do not resolve severe issues, other therapies and/or hormonal therapies may provide contraception for those in need and are safe and effective. If you’re concerned about your teenager’s health, call one of our offices in Women’s Care of New Jersey, at (973) 577-4055. You may also request an appointment with our booking tool or online.

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