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Bladder Care for All Ages

July 28, 2022

As we age, our bladders start to change just like some other parts of our bodies. These changes are noticeable when you find yourselves going frequently to the restroom. There are lots of factors that cause bladder problems from health illnesses like diabetes and lifestyle such as smoking. It’s hard to deal with bladder issues as it affects daily activities and also the emotional aspects. Here are some ways you can avoid bladder issues.

Only Drink Water 

One way to encourage bladder health is by drinking water that dilutes the urine and removes it from the body more frequently. The bacteria are flushed from the body before they can even start an infection. Drinking the daily recommended water intake flushes toxins from the body. Also, stay away from alcohol, caffeine, and sodas that can cause irritation to the bladder. Moderation is the key as long as you follow up with a glass of water. 

Promote Exercise

Engage in physical activity to help your bladder become healthy. If you have bladder issues at the moment, avoid some high-intense exercise that can put pressure on the bladder. A low-impact workout like yoga, swimming, and pelvic floor exercise is good. It also strengthens the muscle in the bladder making you hold the urine when you sneeze, laugh, and cough. 

Do Not Hold It 

Change bathroom behaviors. Do not hold it as long as possible as it could be harmful. When you feel the urge to use pee, go ahead. Do not try to push it out that may apply pressure on the bladder. Let it do the job for you and come out in a relaxing way. 

It is important to care for your bladder even if it seems an uncomfortable topic to discuss especially for some adults. By following the tips provided above, you are sure to keep a healthy bladder. If you think you are having some issues or developing urinary problems, contact us today. Bladder problems are painful and uncomfortable that should be taken seriously.

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