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Why Women Need an Annual Wellness GYN Exam

June 29, 2022

An annual gynecologic (GYN) exam,gynecological well-visit, is a routine checkup to ensure that you’re on top of your health, inside and out. A GYN exam is performed by a medical provider with specialized training in gynecology, the medical specialty for women’s reproductive health. As a woman, this is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself – it can help detect certain health problems as well as prevent future ones from developing.

How to Prepare for a GYN exam

A GYN exam is intimate in nature, and it is quite normal for women to feel some discomfort. But this is not a reason to not go for the exam. A GYN exam is crucial for women and should not be avoided because of embarrassment. 

You should schedule a gynecological exam between menstrual periods because menstrual flow can interfere with both the physical examination and the results of laboratory tests. Prior to the appointment, sexual intercourse should be avoided for 24 hours, and you should also refrain from inserting anything into the vagina, including douches or vaginal products, since these may invalidate test results. Make sure you take note of the date of your last menstrual period and at what age you started menstruating. Be open about your sexual history, sexual habits, nutrition/eating habits, fitness routine, and alcohol consumption. Should there be any abnormal pain or vaginal discharge, you should also report it to your doctor.

What to Expect During Your Exam

Tests will be performed during your annual visit to check all areas and aspects of your health. Some of the tests are:

Physical exam

Breast exam

Pelvic exam

Pap smear 

If you’re looking for a trusted and reliable women’s healthcare provider in New Jersey, we’re here for you! At the office of Women’s Care in Paterson, we provide skilled, compassionate gynecological and obstetric services to adults and teens. Our mission is to help women enjoy physical and emotional wellness, sexual health, and function. In addition to offering a broad range of medical services to diagnose and treat issues affecting women at every stage of life, we also provide patients with the information and resources they need when contemplating family planning or birth control, dealing with menopause, or addressing other concerns.

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