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Is Low Sex Drive Normal?

May 30, 2022

If you feel disappointed and embarrassed due to your low sex drive, you are not alone. Around 40% of women have reported this sexual problem. Both old and young women experience sexual dysfunction. Luckily, this condition is treatable. 

Changes in libido can affect men and women in different ways. Understanding the underlying cause can help your health care provider treat you and get you back to yourself.

Here are some of the reasons why women experience low sex drive.

Stress – If you are stressed, sex is the last thing in your mind. List down all the things that stress you and look for ways to cope with them so you can find time for intimacy. 

Birth control – Taking a contraceptive pill can reduce the amount of testosterone which is responsible for sex drive. If it’s affecting your libido, talk to your health care provider about different birth control options. 

Pain – Are you experiencing pain during sex? You could be dry and need lubrication or this could mean other sexual diseases like STD or endometriosis. Call us today if you are having this problem. 

Whatever reason that is causing your low sex drive, we have a solution for you. At the Women’s Care OB/Gyne, we specialize in treating this kind of problem. Our team of experts can check for your hormonal problems, psychological aspects, and underlying medical conditions. We’ll also motivate lifestyle changes to treat libido issues. We can get to the bottom of your problem and guide you toward a treatment plan that will restore the spark in your life.

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