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Fatigue, weight gain, dry skin: Could it be hypothyroidism?

February 23, 2022

The thyroid is a small gland, shaped like a butterfly, that’s located down near the bottom of the neck. Many people probably know little or nothing about the thyroid, but this tiny gland plays an outsized role in your health, producing hormones that affect the body’s metabolism. 

When the thyroid is underactive, we can wake up feeling exhausted and continue to experience sluggishness throughout the day, even taking long naps. Weight gain and hair loss can also be occurring. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you may be suffering from hypothyroidism, which is best addressed through treatment by our endocrinologist at Totowa. Our endocrinologist specializes in treating disorders occurring in the hormone-producing glands known as the endocrine system. 

Hypothyroidism is a fairly common condition, affecting some ten million people around the country. It causes a slowdown in the metabolism that, if not treated properly, can lead to fatigue, intolerance to feeling cold, dryness of the skin, depression, constipation, and brain fog. These symptoms may be mild at first, but can quickly become worse. The symptoms can also mimic other conditions, and can be misdiagnosed. Our endocrinologist has specialized training beyond medical school and the equipment to recognize and treat hypothyroidism. We use highly sensitive testing methods to evaluate the performance of the thyroid gland, and to prescribe treatment that takes into account our patients’ age, family history, and other medical conditions. A carefully administered and monitored course of medication can often produce very positive results over the course of time.

Hormonal imbalances like hypothyroidism can develop into serious conditions if ignored or misdiagnosed, and are best addressed by an expert like the endocrinologist at Totowa. The level of personal care and attention our patients receive is simply second to none. Please contact our office today to arrange a consultation.

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